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Loryn - OOAK Elfin Fairy Sculpture


Loryn is an OOAK (one of a kind) polymer clay sculpture made without the use of any molds.

She has been sculpted over a strong wire armature and sculpted with much detail.

She sleeps 5 1/2inches long from top to bottom.

Loryns hair and eyelashes are made using hand tinted mohair in a wonderful rich brown. Her hair is tucked up gently in her large leafy green curly hat

She can be displayed laying down or hanging from the curly loops found just above her hat. I will also be including a gold cord to attach just to make sure she is able to hang easily over any size stand, hook or even branch.

Unlike my other fairies and elfins, Loryn does not have handmade wings, she is sleeping all curled up tight holding a small handsculpted and painted true to size lady bug.

Loryn has been hand painted with heat set paints and blushed with natural pigment paints. She has been dressed using natural elements. She has been wrapped up tight in a natural fibers including handmade paper fibers, moss, leaves, flower petals and flower buds.



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